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In Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare we will incarnate two soldiers throughout a conflict of world-wide scale. We will alternate the missions of a member of the British SAS with those of an America Marine; in a wonderful example of narrative episodes, simple and excellently treated. The game transfers us to a contemporary time at which several governments are being overthrown by rebellious groups, and a nuclear threat extends with himself. Our rol, of course, will consist of releasing hostages, participating in special operations or help to take back cities. But COD 4 surprises until in the treatment of it, in principle routine, history that has taken  a much more adult look. We will attend an explicit spectacle of violence, and not only by the deaths that we cause, if not by it hard of some of the cinematics scenes and by the realistic character that the situations have. From the fantastic first chapter on board of the boat to the din of the last mission, through the impeccably executed scene of credits, one of best and the most impressive ones that we remembered in the years to come -, Modern Warfare becomes a prodigious roller coast of emotions and argumental turns that will take us from a side to another from Europe to the Middle East, with abundance of surprises and epic moments.

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    Call of Duty 4 modern warfare is a first person shooter developed by Infinity Ward that brings the Call of Duty series from the stale WW2 Setting to the fresh and exiting world of Modern Warfare.The Single player portion of the game has follows an SAS trooper named "Soap" and a American Marine named Paul Jackson, the game swaps between the two soldiers perspectives every couple of levels which keeps the game settings fresh.Soaps missions are more stealth focused but the game allows you to go cha...

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