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Beautiful is spelled "M-o-d-e-r-n W-a-r-f-a-r-e"

Call of Duty 4 is here. This is the third game in the Call of Duty franchise created by developer Inifinty Ward (Call of Duty 3 was created by Treyarch respectfully) While many felt that the Call of Duty series was going no where, Infinity Ward decides to take a very smart and rewarding path. Why stick to WWII? WWII is an over used genre. Even though the games to come out for that genre have been great. It felt like everyone knew what was bound to happen before playing the game. Call of Duty 4 is the most intense shooter out to date. In my opinion.

Graphics: All throughout the game the graphics are stunning. The glow on the models, the high detail in the environment, models, and weapons draw you into the experiece. The graphics do a great job in making you believe that you are really in that battle. The animation is superb and the use of ragdoll is not needed. Of course there are minor letbacks. Some of the details up close may not look as impressive as others, but those are few and far between. A.I : Impressive all around. They use cover when needed, throw tons of grenades, and even try to flank you at times. Ocassionaly there is the one brave soul who decides to run toward while being shot at from all sides. But nothing serious at all. Your squad works great in saving your neck and telling you the status of the battle field. Enemies will yell out if their comrades have fallen or if they need support. The developers did a great job on making you believe your actually fighting soldiers.

Sound: The sound is to superior for the review. Buy the game, blast the speakers, and you'll know what I'm talking about.

SinglePlayer: While only about 5-6 hours on the normal (which I played) difficulty setting. Those hours are nonstop action and tension between you and the world inside the game. It would've been nice to see more hours put into the game. But the arcade mode is a good reason to go back. The arcade mode basically gives you points for kills and other challenges in the game. Example: shoot some bad guys, and see +10 over their heads. Congrats, you just got 10 points. Get the idea? Also, everything is basically through FIRST PERSON. Even ****SPOILER****** The death of a president is all played through first person *****END SPOILER****** The most intense COD singleplayer.

Multiplayer: 16 maps, very customizable settings, and challenges put on top of that makes this multiplayer a great addition to the game. If it was not for the impressive deep multiplayer, the game might have not scored so well. The multiplayer has a full on stat/scoring system based on numerous things going on during multiplayer. You can customize your class, change your weapons, unlock new weapons, camoflague, and also Perks. Perks, are advantages that if you unlock, you can use on the battle field. Such as, pulling out a pistol when shot down to blow some shells into the enemies chest just before dying. Or dropping a grenade everytime you die. These additions are impressive, but nothing to huge to change the outcome of the battle. There are challeneges in the multiplayer that require you to learn the skill of the weapons in the game. Have fun and see you out there.

Negative Aspects: Infinity Ward need to keep making high quality games like this one. The only bothersome aspect of the single-player game is that it is pretty short. But even then, it offers the most intense 4-6 you will ever get in a single-player game. Basically, 10 minutes of COD4 is as intense as 2 hours of any other great game.

OVERALL: The strong compelling singleplayer followed by the deep and impressive multiplayer makes COD 4 the game to own. Yet there is no reason for the singleplayer part to be so short, half the time of most games. But the multiplayer does make up for it. The "photo-realistic" graphics are impressive and next-gen. Buy it, play it, love it. As I said for COD 2, if you are a fan of the COD series, or just a fan of shooters in general, this game is a MUST buy.


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