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Variety Map Pack Review

Let's cut to the chase: Call of Duty 4 is one of the most critically acclaimed shooter of this generation, witly  an incredible single player campaign, although most players were drawn to the excellent online play. Considering how extremely popular Call of Duty 4 turned out to be, most people soiled themselves at the talk of a Map Pack being released. The Variety Map Pack costs 800 MS Points ($10 USD) and consists of four maps: Broadcast, Creek, Chinatown, and Killhouse.

Broadcast is the TV station from the mission "Charlie Don't Surf". This level has a huge inside area as well as an outside portion, its easily one of the biggest maps in the game, but there's plenty rooms with multiple nooks and crannies, making this an excellent Search and Destroy map.  

Creek  is a sniper's heaven, there are tons of places to snipe from, but despite this, players that prefer using an SMG or an Assault shouldn't ever feel like they're overwhelmed by sniper fire due to a few alternate routes.

Chinatown is probably the most poorly made map, for one thing, there are too many levels and places to be vulnerable at. Seeing a red dot on your GPS that's next to you most of the timemeans that the player is above you, and almost every time the enemy will have the upground advantage. As for being too vulnerable, in almost every building there are multiple places of entry and while traversing the streets, one can easily be picked off from several locations.

As for Killhouse, it is the smallest map next to Shipment, similar to the Cargo run in "FNG". Killhouse is terrible for any game modes besides Team Tactical, but even then it seems a bit crowded. However, Killhouse is probably the best private match map on the game, its pretty damn fun to get a group of friends and have at it, whether it be headshots only or no-scopes, it's nothing short of a blast.

If  you aren't insanely playing this game, this probably isn't the most suitable package, but if you're like most people who play Call of Duty 4, you're getting 2 great maps for pretty much every mode and a great private match map, and alhough I can't say I'm a fan of Chinatown, I can wholeheartedly recommend Call of Duty 4's variety map pack

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