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Saved by The Giant

So, Ive finally come to review this map pack after looking at the 3 multiplayer maps and the new Nazi Zombies Map: Der Riese (The Giant). AKA: Zombie Factory.
Basically, Im going to review each map individually, and then round it up.
Lets start with the multiplayer maps:
Breach:  Rating: 2/5
With some relitavely good points to the map (not least of which is the appearance of the map and the scenery itself). Breach, is a let down.
It is only good to be honest, for the keen camper and sniper, making it a living hell for anyone else.
For some reason, all the side buildings are connected in one way or another which is a bit strange, however... they are laid out well enough for anyone to just sit in a corner, and occasionally come out to a window.
The courtyard near the columns, would have been the idea place for a entertaining stand off between players, but the fact that players can enter almost anywhere and mow you down from the sides, or snipe you from the buildings on each side, completely defeats the object of the map. A VERY disapointing start to map pack three.
Revolution: Rating: 1/5
Ok, to round this up in a nutshell, Revolution is just abysmal, it is basically a lazy bunch of buildings, carelessly joined together by random holes, bridges and planks of wood.
Dont even waste your time trying to play this map. It is simply a matter of luck doing well on this map.
Battery: Rating: 5/5
So, a pretty good end to the multiplayer maps. Set on a small US military outpost on an island off the coast of the mainland, it offers and interesting experiance. Ideal placement of bombs and flags of S&D, Sabotage and War, Battery offers all players a chance to do what they do best, there a sniping spots, there are indoor, close quarter experiences, and run 'n' gun opertunities too. An excellent finish to Map Pack three.
Der Riese: Rating 5/5
Where do I start? Der Riese is the perfect zombie map. It is nice and big, which although means you can get lost fairly easily, but allows you to make a good escape. They make up for this with the 'quick spawning' zombies as i call them, which spawn just round the corner, instead of in a bush a mile away, although this can get a bit annoying in the earlier rounds.
We also see and change to the Hellhound AI, for the better thankfully.
After about round 15, hellhounds not only come in there own rounds, but appear in small numbers in zombie rounds aswell, which makes for an interesting game experience. Now, rather than spawning and locking on to a player, the hellhounds sniff around the map, and charge at the nearest player when they get close enough, or hunt down the first man to shoot at them.
What else is new? Lets look.....
Power Returns!
The power switch is back for some more fun!
The players start the match at the mainframe, a central point in a small courtyard, there is a mainframe teleporter, and the pack a punch machine, which remains sealed for now. There are three teleporters, A B and C. When a player reachers the teleporter, he or she begins a link up, they must then get to the mainframe and complete the link before the 30 second time runs out. This can be taken advantage of by having one player stay at the mainframe. The teleporter costs 1500 each time and teleports anyone in its vecinity.
Hammer Pick Up
 The new bonus pick up Hammer automatically, fully repairs all windows on the map.
Spawning Pick Ups
Occasionally, pick ups (most commonly a X2) will spawn in the map somewhere in view.
Monkey Bombs
Acting a special grenade, the monkey bomb is a cymbal clapping monkey with a bomb attached to it. When thrown it begins to clap and play a irritating song. All zombies near it will be attracted to it, and walk up to it and watch it. Using them, allows large numbers of zombies to be killed, and can also take the heat off you for a moment to get those vital revives and reloads in.
Pack-a-Punch Machine
Costing a lovely 5000 points each (which becomes suckers money on later rounds), you can upgrade almost every weapon in the game. To open the machine, the power must be turned on and all 3 teleporters must be connected to the mainframe.
The upgrade increases power, rate of fire, accuracy and also adds attachments onto certain guns (such as sights, extended clips, higher ammo capacity (overall) and also gives it a nice engraving pattern all over it!!!!! It becomes a necessity in later rounds.
Der Riese is a must have for nazi zombie fans. 
Overall, the Map Pack is a bit of a dissapointment, the only map worth having is Battery, and you're essencially paying for that and Der Riese. If you dont mind splurging 9.99 bucks on a New Zombie Map which is epic, and a fairly decent multiplayer map, then go for it.
Der Riese is a definate winner in my book.

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Posted by PabloDiablo

Very good review, man. I think that Der Riese is worth 10 bucks on its own. I never played Shi No Numa, but I was under the impression dogs came every 5 rounds. Maybe Der Riese is just messed up or something because I have had dogs sometimes spawn on 5 or 7,10 or 13 and 15 or 17. It's really weird.

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