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Not a great sequel, but still a really good game 2

How far would you go to save someone you love? This was the defining question players explored when they immersed themselves in the sprawling epic of the first Lords of Shadow as the warrior priest Gabriel Belmont. As the end of that story drew near, a new question started to creep up out of the proverbial shadows of the night: after all is finished, after all the lines you’ve crossed, are you ready to face the person you’ve become along the way? Four years later, Lords of Shadow 2 ...

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A poor story, a poor sequel and an overall disappointing game. 0

Despite selling more than any other title in the franchise’s 28 year history, it would be a stretch to say there was a strong demand for a new Castlevania: Lords of Shadow title. Spanish developers MercurySteam paid no heed however, partnering with Konami to fundamentally turn the series on its head by giving players direct control as Dracula for the first time in a brand new, open world character action game. With a new lead, new format and a story heavily cribbing from the decades-long f...

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A Step Backwards from the Original 0

There were a good number of critics and skeptics who didn’t think Castlevania: Lords of Shadow lived up to the long running series, or just wasn’t that great on its own. Me personally, I really loved the original Lords of Shadow. I even enjoyed what the developers did with its follow up, Mirror of Fate, (which I only played on consoles, not the 3DS). Considering how ridiculous the original Castlevania timeline was getting, I didn’t think a reboot was a bad idea. Especially sin...

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Heinous stealth, bad writing and wasted potential. This is not the sequel anybody wanted 0

You are Dracula. The Prince of Darkness, the dragon – Dracul. A villainous vampire lord turned moody anti-hero in Mercury Stream’s follow-up to the surprisingly enjoyable Castlevania: Lords of Shadow and its less enjoyable handheld sequel Mirror of Fate. With a trusty whip in tow and a slew of vampiric blood-sucking abilities at your disposal, you’ll go toe-to-toe with Satan’s demonic horde, battling his cronies and gargantuan monstrosities alike as they invade the haples...

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"I cannot die... Yet, I cannot live" 0

A Review By TheAcidSkullI'm a very specific kind of player when it comes to video games, I don't usually follow a lot of different types of video games nor do I have the desire to stick my hand in a lot of different pies, I most likely stick to what I like, and hack-and-slash is one the genre or style that would win my appeal any day of the week. Now I don't usually Review a lot of video games considering that fact that I don't feel that I could offer a lot due to the fact that I don't play a l...

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