Remember the Granfalloon in SOTN?

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In Symphony of the Night, there was a boss called the Granfalloon. It was one of the most memorable boss battles ever. You know, the giant orb of dead bodies? Well, I was playing through the PSX version again recently and realized that there is a commentary within the boss fight. Upon looking up Granfalloon, which means "a society of people who claim to have a shared purpose." Taking the boss fight as being a society, you'll see that hacking apart all the dead bodies (or members of society) makes the beast stronger. In order to beat the society, you have to attack the head the center without harming the members, who don't mean anything, and only serve as a buffer between you and the center.

Fascinating, eh?

#2 Posted by TwoLines (3061 posts) -

From all the bosses in that game- I remember him best.
Great concept, and it looked terrifying.

#3 Posted by JJWeatherman (14797 posts) -

That's awesome, that game is deep. I remember that boss, it was one of the better ones. Castlevania rocks.

#4 Posted by McPaper (285 posts) -

Yep I remember that boss, I certaintly didnt care for the bodies however.

#5 Posted by liako21 (552 posts) -

yea i got trapped in the corner and bodies kept coming lol

#6 Posted by xyzygy (10595 posts) -

This exact same boss is also in Portrait of Ruin. I don't remember if that's what he's called though.

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