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Centipede came about after Hasbro Interactive had stuck a deal to buy IP from Atari in the late nineties when Hasbro was entering into a boom and Atari was trending downhill. Hasbro also remade other Atari classics like Missile Command and Pong. The game was developed by Leaping Lizard Software. Centipede was released on the Playstation, Dreamcast and PC in 1999, and MacSoft published it on the Mac in 2000. Westlake Interactive handled the developing duties for the Mac port.


There is a story to this Centipede game and so it goes; every one hundred years a multitude of armored creatures rise from the center of the Earth and storm to the surface to try and take over the world. To combat this menace, inventive people created The Shooter. Now the world just needs a savior and that person is... Wally Gudmunzsun? Well whatever, when your asked to save the world you don't ask why, you just get it done.

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