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Cissnei is a character that appears in two entries in the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII. A young woman who lives in a life filled with lies such as not knowing her real name. She was discovered by the Turks in a orphanage as a young child. They took her under their wing making her believe everyone can be a potential enemy. This made her to be the youngest member of the Turks ever. She first appears in episode 18 of the mobile phone game Before Crisis under the name Shuriken. She then reappeared as a Turk whom is Zack Fair's friend part enemy in Crisis Core. Usually she wears her uniform except when she visits Costa del Sol she wears a white and yellow swimsuit while talking to Zack. Towards the end of Crisis Core she is on a mission to capture Zack because he escaped Hojo's lab. When she finds Zack she decides to let him go and gives him keys for a motorcycle so he has time to escape.

Cissnei's ultimate fate is left unknown, as she does not appear in any Final Fantasy VII related games or media set after the events of Crisis Core.

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