Nintendo revises privacy policy with threats to cut you off

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Want privacy? Well Nintendo thinks it will just take your Club Nintendo account away, your stars, and then go home. At least that is what it seems to be saying in this article.

Punitive action for wanting some semblance of privacy with your data.  Is that REALLY what you want to be saying Nintendo?  You mean there is no compromise between sharing data and getting some benefits for buying and playing Nintendo products?  That just sounds wrongheaded.  I can see where if you do not provide an address they cannot ship you key-fobs, or if you do not provide an e-mail address, they cannot send you contest information.  However, why can't I join a CLUB?   Why can't I accumulate stars unless I give you cart-blanch to my data?    

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What are you even talking about?  You're not providing any links or anything, and I haven't gotten any notices from Club Nintendo regarding any changes in policy.

Also, it's "carte blanche."

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@Hailinel said:
" Huh?
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