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Cobra Triangle is a title released by Rare for the Nintendo Entertainment System in July 1989 for North America, and later that same year for Europe. Players control a powerboat, known as the 'Cobra Class Speed Boat', from an isometric view and are required to complete various challenges and races across 25 levels. The gameplay is extremely reminiscent of other isometric racing games from this era, such as R.C Pro AM.

Cobra Triangle and the Cobra Class Speed Boat

Each level usually consisted of 1 type of challenge, such as races against the clock, herding mines into designated areas, or maneuvering obstacle courses. Players were also required to save stranded people from packs of hungry sharks, jump waterfalls and avoid hazards. Every level also normally included a time limit within with the stated goals had to be completed.

Players could also upgrade the weaponry on the Cobra Class Speed Boat, from the initial single shot fire mode, to quadruple spread shots and missiles which also can become heat seeking further into the game. Powerups for boat speed and defense, such as shields, can also be collected throughout the game.

During missions players would face a variety of enemies, such as competitor boats who will barge and shoot at the player's craft, waves of electricity, mines and hungry sharks! The game consists of 25 levels, which are grouped into sections of five, with the fifth level in a series containing a boss encounter of some description, such as serpents, giant crabs, and giant sharks.

Cobra Triangle was previewed by Nintendo Power in Issue 6 (May-June 1989), and gathered generally positive reviews upon release, with critics praising its varied goals and focus upon maintaining a balance between maneuvering and shooting. The power up system, which borrowed heavily from previous titles such as Gradius, and the ability to earn extra points for driving more stylishly, also attracted acclaim from some corners.

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