Do you like Cogs?

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Of course I do, Cogs is cool. In small doses, it does the trick.
Oops on the F just floating there. Make it the other other motherfucker.

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I played the demo and ended up getting really frustrated with it; I think mainly because of the really obnoxious countdown timer.

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I'm more of a Gears person myself. But Cogs are alright I guess.

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More so then the locust.

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I thought you meant Pogs, not cogs. Yeah, I definitely need to go to sleep.

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Meh. Motherfucker.

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I love Cogs. It was a fun sliding puzzle game with numerous challenges to it. Some of them later ones really mess with my head though. I have a passion for sliding puzzles. I can do the typical "sliding 15 number puzzle" in less than 30 seconds. I usually carry it (my 15 sliding puzzle) around with me whenever I go out. Helps keep my mind active and its kinda relaxing.

The Vita comes with a pretty awesome minigame where you can take a picture of anything and it turns that picture into a 7,8,14,15 sliding puzzle.

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Coalition of Organised Governments!!

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I really liked it for the most part. It also manages to be fun and frustrating (the good sort) at the same time. My example would be one where you solve one side and then flip it over and realise that side is completely off. It is rather clever though with it's use of cogs, steam and mechanics without being too complicated. So yeah, it's a good puzzle game. Get it.

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I'm pretty good at games like this. The Bioshock minigame was a breeze for me.

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