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The Covenant Separatists are comprised of Elites, most Hunters, and some Grunts and are led by The Arbiter and Ship Master Rtas 'Vadum. The Covenant Separatists are a breakaway faction of The Covenant Empire who are fighting in the Covenant Civil War agianst the Covenant Loyalists. The Covenant Separatists have discovered the truth about the halo rings and will do anything to prevent them from being fired by Loyalist forces. The Separatists are allied with UNSC forces as they now both have the same ultimate goal of stopping Truth from firing the rings. The Covenant Separatists end up victorious in the Covenant Civil war with the total destruction of all Flood an Covenant Loyalist Forces.


The main race in thee Seperatist movements are the Elites (See main article The Covenant)

Elites (Sangheili)

Elites from Halo Wars
Elites from Halo Wars

The Sangheili or as they are better known the Elites are a Reptilian looking race that was part of the Covenant during the events of the First halo and served as one of the primary Foe. They are a very cunning and brave foe and as such they are a very difficult enemy to master. They match the master chief in Strength and are very honor bound; they served as the field commanders of the Covenant ground forces and also held Key positions throughout the Covenant Navy. Infact, it is shown in the books that they even served as undersecretaries to the Prophets themselves. They were once mortal enemies with the Prophets and were one of the founding race of the Covenant. However, during Halo 2 they were cast out of the covenant and formed the Covenant Separatists, who fought against the rest of the Covenant and in particular the prophet of Truth for his betrayal.

Grunts (Unggoy)

A small methane-breathing race, primarily used in the military as normal soldiers. Or in most cases, cannon fodder. They are also used for menial tasks and various forms of labor. Very intelligent Unggoy are usually trained as Deacons, which help to keep the word of the Covenant. Because they breathe
A Grunt from Halo 3
A Grunt from Halo 3
methane instead of oxygen, as the rest of The Covenant does, they have to wear methane packs. These can be easily destroyed, making their lives quite short-lived in combat.

Usually being led by an Elite or a Brute, they will attack when being pushed forward. But if the leader is slain, they are more likely to flee. Not much of a threat by themselves, they are dangerous in numbers. There are stories of an army of Grunts vaporizing a Hunter in seconds by firing at the same time. There are no Separatist grunts that appear in halo 3.

Hunters (Lekgolo)

Two Hunters
Two Hunters
A unique species, because of their appearance. The "weaponized" Lekgolo, which are called Hunters by humans, resemble big creatures in blue armor, with a big shield on one arm and a giant gun as the second arm. This creature is in fact many creatures. One Hunter is a colony of sentient symbiotic orange eels. The Hunters encountered in the games always come in pares. They are so called "bond brothers", one colony too big to fit in one armor.
The Hunters are never used as normal soldiers, but work excellent as demolition-workers and defense.

The Hunters was brought into the Covenant when they proved to be to hard to exterminate. The Covenant wanted them destroyed because they desecrated Forerunner relics, due to their fondess to burrowing through Forerunner architecture. Some Lekgolo even ate Forerunner relics. But the Arbiter at the time suggested taming them instead. They where also used at High Charity to discover new things about the Dreadnought, letting them burrow through the ancient ship in hope of finding out new things about it.

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