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High charity was the seat of power for the covenant empire, the prophets resided there and as such it was considered a Holy city. High charity is a mushroom-shaped structure that is about 348 kilometers

in diameter and at the apex is an artificial star that is used to simulate night and day within the city. The star also is an opening for the launch of the Forerunner ship that powers the city and the city itself is capable of making slip space jumps. The city consists of many locations that are important and sacred to the covenant. They include the Mausoleum of the Arbiter, The council chamber and the Sanctum of the Hierarchs. The interior of High charity is filled with covenant symbol and has a shade of the same color tone that fills the covenant naval ships. It is also worth noting that it is the only city construct of the covenant that is seen in game.

Defense Forces

High charity was very well protected and Infact it had it’s own Fleet for that purpose. The Second Fleet of Homogenous Clarity was the fleet that protected it and it was an extremely large fleet, which

part of the fleet that defended High charity

numbered over a thousand ships. It included a number of Super carriers and the fleet was staffed by the best soldiers in the covenant military. Hundreds of thousands of probes were employed, all of them darting about and collecting information regarding the surrounding areas. In addition, not a single rock larger than a centimeter would be allowed in the space surrounding High Charity without being identified. The authorization codes were updated hourly and if any ship hesitated even for a few seconds with the code, it would be destroyed. In addition it had it’s own recon wing, which scoured an area before High charity would arrive, and this recon wing included six cruisers and one Flagship. Groundside, it was protected by a legion of crack troops, all of whom were extremely well armed and trained.

First and Second Battle

Halo 2

After the prophet of Truthinitiates a change in the guard and begins to award more and more power to the Brutes, civil war breaks out in the covenant. It further spirals out of control when the brutes

Civil war rages on over High charity

under orders from Tarturus murder most of the Elite high council thereby plunging the Covenant into a complete civil war. In the midst of this, the Master chief if transported there by Gravemind to recover the index from Truth and thereby makes an already complicated situation even more volatile. However, this is a distraction that is engineered by the Gravemind as he uses these distractions to land the flood onto High charity. The flood begin to spread throughout the city and the Prophet of Truth escapes on the Forerunner ship to Earth with Master-chief in tow. The chief leaves Cortana behind to remote detonate In Amber clad’s reactors should Halo be prepped to Fire. At the end of Halo 2, Miranda keyes and Srgnt. Johnson along with the arbiter defeat Tarturus and stop the ring from firing. The final cut scene shows Gravemind approaching Cortana and telling her that he has questions for her.

Halo 3

Now firmly in control of High charity, the Gravemind tortures Cortana and finds out the location of Earth and plans to attack and infect the planet. However upon arriving on the planet, he sees the portal

Flood infestation in high charity

and is brought to the ark. It is not clear what exactly transpired but it is believed that Gravemind decided to conserve his forces and stop the rings from firing, rather than infect Earth. After Truth is stopped by the Chief and Arbiter in Halo 3, the chief mounts a rescue to get Cortana out of the now crashed High charity. He succeeds in rescuing her and she advises him to detonate the reactors on High charity so as to buy them some time from the flood. He succeeds in doing so and High charity is destroyed.

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