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Crackdown is a franchise that originated with Realtime Worlds, back in 2007. The game allowed players to traverse the landscape of a near-future city that has been ravaged by gang warfare. Players took on the role of an agent of law enforcement. However, the motives of the law enforcement, known only as 'The Agency', are never explicitly made clear.  
Due to the end of the game, speculation quickly started about a sequel being produced. One of the lead designers at Realtime Worlds had said that Crackdown was originally designed to be a series of games. On the first of June, 2009, an announcement  was made: the announcement confirmed the production of a second Crackdown game. However, the
 One of the most well known images from Crackdown
game was not being developed by the original creator, Realtime Worlds. The game was developed by a break-off studio, known as Ruffian Games. Ruffian are a Scottish company made up of ex-staff at Realtime Worlds, and Crackdown 2 is their first release.  

Design and Story

Crackdown was designed in a 'cel-shaded' format. Characters in the game have something of a cartoon design, with darkened outer lines. This design is taken from comic books, and gives the Crackdown series a unique look. The same art style was used in Borderlands as well. Crackdown is set in a near-future city where the gangs are in control, and law and order have broken down. The Agency wants to rid the city of these gangs and to make a brighter tomorrow for citizens. However, their full motives are never truly revealed. 




Original Release Date: February 20, 2007 
Platforms: Xbox 360 
Main Article: Crackdown 
The first Crackdown had players eliminating gangs around Pacific City for The Agency. As they shoot, punch, drive, jump, and explode their way around the world, their character progresses and gets better at each skill. When Crackdown was released, it was the top selling game of the month. Despite positive reviews, many people suspect that the high sales were because of the Halo 3 promotion; a beta code came packaged with the game, which probably drove many people to purchase it. 
 Crackdown 2    

Crackdown 2

Original Release Date: July 6, 2010 
Platforms: Xbox 360 
Main Article: Crackdown 2 
Giant Bomb Review:   (Jeff Gerstmann) 
The second Crackdown game once again takes place in Pacific City, albeit a slightly decrepit version of it. The player battles members of a terrorist organization called the Cell at day and mutant freaks at night.

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