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A creature plot twist is invoked in any game that sees the player fighting standard human enemies for the majority of the game when monstrous or otherwise supernatural enemies are introduced late in the proceedings. As an example, in Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, Drake's adversaries are by and large men armed with guns. However, roughly three quarters of the way into the game, Drake comes across a secret tomb filled with zombie-like crawlers. This twist has the two-fold effect of both giving the player a new type of enemy to fight, thus bringing in a new element of challenge, and shifting the story in a new direction.

However, such a plot twist must be handled with care, or the end result may only serve to cheapen the plot. In the case of Uncharted, the form of twist works largely in part because of the game's previously established themes. Nathan Drake's search for fortune amidst fighting both human and fantastic opponents is not unlike the scope of one that one might see in an Indiana Jones film, and in that sense, the story is well told.

On the other hand, if done poorly, the plot twist may only serve to undermine the game's original premise through poor writing and bring down an otherwise good game. As an example, the game Urban Chaos tells a story about a policewoman fighting a gang. The game's story remains relatively grounded and follows along this path until the final two missions. In the second-to-last mission, the player must fight a demon that inexplicably appears on the city streets. Then in the final mission, a plot twist reveals that the main antagonist is not just a corrupt mayoral candidate, but also a warlock trying to open a portal to Hell.

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