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A real surprise.

The first time I played the first crysis was in 2009. I truly liked the game but I felt it was nothing special. It was essentially a tech demo of Crytek's cryengine. The gameplay was lacking and most of the time I would just stop and look at the graphics. It wasn't perfect but it was special in its own way. Because of this I never really considered buying Crysis 2 and I didn't. I was only able to play crysis 2 through borrowing my classmates copy in exchange for one of my games. I never expected Crysis 2 to be anything more than COD on steroids or a linear Crysis 1. I was pleasantly surprised to find out I was wrong. Yes there is nothing new in this game, but how they combined all of these elements together is truly a work of art. There just is something about being an overpowered mess of a soldier that makes this game so great. Sneaking around the Ceph as well as the Cell, being able to interact with almost everything in the world, and being a one man army while your enemies keep sending wave after wave of soldiers it's truly one unique experience. It's not all good though the story is forgettable and a lot of the suit upgrades are useless but all of the bad things in this game does little to nothing in terms of the gameplay. All good things must come to an end and I will eventually return Crysis 2 to my friend, but the experience will stay forever. I only have one regret from this amazing experience. Not being able to play multiplayer since it seems a lot of the people have abandoned this game at least for the PS3. Hopefully, Crytek's next venture will have even deeper game mechanics, and a better multiplayer community. Nevertheless, great game I'd gladly recommend it to anyone.


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