alterbridge9's Crysis (Collector's Edition) (PC) review

Brilliant and I'm not just talking about the graphics!!!

I bought this after having exhausted my demo version! I thought it would be awesome and I wasnt disappointed! I have a pretty low spec PC Athlon X2 4200@2.2ghz, 2gb RAM, ASUS M2N4 Sli Mobo and 7600gt card! I initially thought that as I have a low spec PC I wouldnt enjoy the game so much as I would be losing much of the spectacular graphics (played on low settings). However I grew to appreciate the top notch gameplay. The whole nano suit concept I instantly loved as manipulating certain battle situations to my advantage became much easier and more enjoyable. Also customising your weapon on the fly really makes a difference! I would have to say that Crysis has spoilt my enjoyment of other games as I want to use my nano suit to sprint across a field or throw an enemy to the other end of the screen! Also I want to take a silencer off or put one on, or change my sight but unfortunately I cant! Overall a brilliant game based on gameplay alone as I have only played the game on low settings!


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     Before I decided to move on, I made one last inspection at the blitz I had just unleashed. An assortment of torn bodies rest around a blazing oil barrel. A man lay sprawled, lifeless against a cold, gray rock. A humvee lay cindering, its passengers as dead as the dirt they lay motionless in. I gaze at my ammo count and couldn’t help but flash a smile. All of this violence was discharged with just four bullets, a single grenade, and just a little help from my military nano suit. As I began to wa...

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