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A Final Fantasy themed tower defense game which offers no reward 0

Crystal Defenders has been released on a number of consoles now, iPhone, PC, DS, Wii, and now it comes to the Xbox Live Arcade. This release by Square Enix has the gameplay style of a tower defense game but with a Final Fantasy theme slapped onto it. The game comes with three modes, an interesting amount of units to deploy, and a level of challenge that is oddly addicting. If you’re unfamiliar with tower defense games, you strategically deploy units on a map to take out waves of enemies while co...

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Basic Tower Defense 0

If you like challenging yourself with small strategy games, you found it in Crystal Defenders. It has your basic class system found in most tower defense games, your Warrior that does heavy but ground only attacks, archers which to medium but air-only attacks, Mages that shoot their spells causing splash damage. And to add some complexity to make you think a little more, Crystal Defenders adds "mix" classes that mix the classic classes as towers so you can truly customize how to defend your life...

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Short, but has tons of replay value for the price 0

Positive: + fun and challenging strategic gameplay+ good visuals for the iPod+ quality music+ tons of replay value for each level+ it only costs $5!Negative:- huge frame rate slowdowns when lots of enemies are on screen- only 8 maps- controls aren't sensitive enoughThe iPod had yet to see its first truly great original game. Phase was too laggy to be much fun and Song Summoner moved to slowly and was too dull to make it to that status. Now Crystal Defenders, another strategy game from Square Eni...

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My final fantasy with tower defense 0

 The strategy sub-genre known as Tower Defense hit the web a few years ago and its proven so addictive that publishers everywhere have been trying to bring it to our consoles ever since. We've seen penguins, monsters, crabs, and ninjas do it but until Square Enix came along no one had applied the gameplay to an established franchise. Ok, so it doesn't specifically say Final Fantasy on it but Crystal Defenders is clearly a Final Fantasy game, taking place after the events of Final Fantasy Tactics...

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An Unusual but Fun Tower Defense Adventure 0

Crystal Defenders is something a little unexpected. It's a Tower Defense title set in the Final Fantasy Universe, specifically Ivalice, the setting for Final Fantasy XII and the Final Fantasy Tactics series of games.  The title itself is split into three separate "games." These are W1, W2, and W3.  W1 is your typical Tower Defense affair, set up towers, which in this case are one of six classes from Tactics A2 on the DS. W2 is slightly more advanced, introducing Power Crystals as well as new cla...

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It's good, but not that good 0

Good Points: Good, engaging tower defenseEasy to pick up, hard to put downSimple interfaceDecent music Bad Points: The structure of the game leads to single games that are 30+ minutesNot enough variety in the mapsIt's hard to level-up "towers" that move around the board I have mixed feelings about this game. On the one had I appreciate that there are very few maps and that the game forces you to refine your strategy for those maps rather than throwing a ton of different maps at you. On the other...

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