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Dai Senryaku VII Exceed is a turn based strategy game by Systemsoft Alpha Corporation and published in the US by Valcon Games LLC. It contains:
  • Over 400 realistic, modern military units from eight countries
  • Air, ground and sea warfare
  • Five single player campaigns
  • A fully customizable mulitplayer mode for up to four players
  • Map editor
  • A complete tutorial system

Changes From Previous Releases

Originaly released for the Xbox in 2004 as Dai Senryaku VII, Dai Senryaku VII Exceed had a number of notable additions to the gameplay:
  • A new campaign mode to completement the preexisting free play and mission modes. Units gain experience and levels throughout the campaign.
  • Removal of the ability to change computer AI to a human player mid turn. You can change the difficulty level, but you can not disable the AI entirely.
  • There's now an option to enable voice confirmation of commands. While the Japanese version has six voices, the US version only has two.
  • Bombardment, the ability to bomb facilities
  • Repair, the ability for facilities to repair themselves
  • Air Intercept, the ability for some ships to automatically attack incoming aircraft.
  • Units have been tweaked and rebalanced

Also, Valcon implemented a few improvements from the Japanese version in the US release:
  • Blacked out screen between turns during free play mode, allowing players to change turns without compromising their troop layouts.
  • Unit data can now be accessed via a single button press
  • Health data has been added to the facility listing, showing how much damage it has taken from bombardment.

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