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Dance Dance Revolution II (DDRII for short) is a game in the Dance Dance Revolution franchise. It follows the basic gameplay of the series. DDRII features both elements of the arcade versions DDR X2 and DDR X3.


The official Wii dance pad

The pads provided with the DDRII are similar to the original pads provided with the Playstation versions, which are in turn similar to the Power Pad. They feature a thin foam matting covered by a plastic top layer with the pressure sensors sandwiched between the two layers. Small Plus (+) and Minus (-) buttons are positioned at the top of the pad and the two upper diagonal spaces are used for the A and B buttons. The pad is used for both the gameplay and menu navigation.

Common complaints about the foam pads often stem from the fact that one must look down at the pad to assure that they still have their feet aligned with the sensors when the recessed pads on the arcade version do not present this problem. Another common problem with home pads is "traveling", where pads shift across the floor during play due to poor traction. In addition, the thin mat failed quickly when used with shoes, yet provided little padding when playing on hard floors, making barefoot and sock play an uncomfortable alternative.

Because of widespread dissatisfaction with the foam dance pads, "hard" versions were sought out by players. They allowed for more precise inputs, despite their higher expense. They could be found on eBay for between $100 and $500 dollars.


Gameplay is similar to previous editions of DDR. The game forgoes special modes, focusing on training, workout, learning the game, and playing the game instead.

Different difficulty songs had different steps. The higher the player pushed themselves, the higher their score. Players can also select their dancing "avatar" from a list, including a few Konami employees who have worked on the DDR games.

Successfully timing footsteps to the arrows adds to a life bar. Missing them completely will subtract from it. Steps were graded in the accuracy of their timing. Scores ranged from "marvelous" to "miss." Anything lower than a rating of "good" on a step would break the combo chain, lowering the player's score multiplier.

If the life bar is ever emptied, the player fails and play of that song ends immediately. At the end of a song, the player is given a summary of their performance and a letter grade in addition to the score earned. The biggest penalty in your score came from missing notes entirely.

Returning for the first time since DDR 5th Mix is long version songs. These are selected prior to selecting a difficulty. Step ratings have also been expanded to the 20-point scale first found in DDR X.


Song TitleArtist Name

Licensed Music

A Year Without Rain

Selena Gomez & The Scene
Baby ft. LudacrisJustin Bieber
Beautiful MonsterNe-Yo
Can't Be TamedMiley Cyrus
Candy GirlNew Edition
Don't GoYaz
Don't You Want MeThe Human League
IN MY HEADJason Derülo
Just A DreamNelly
Just The Way You AreBruno Mars
More Than AliveThe Ready Set
Nothon' On You (feat. Bruno Mars)B.o.B.
Only Girl (In The World)Rihanna
Somebody To LoveJustin Bieber
Spice up your lifeSpice Girls
Strip MeNatasha Bedingfield
This Time I Know It's For RealDonna Summer
Whip My HairWillow Smith
Original Music
Dance PartayDKC Crew
Diamond NightTOMOSUKE feat. Alexa Slaymaker
El ritmo te controlaJeanette Herrera
Get Back Up!NMR runners
Haunted RhapsodyArchitect ft. Jasmine Nii
HEARTBREAK (Sound Selektaz remix)NAOKI ft. Becca Hossany
In The AirBill Hamel & James Rowand
SAY A PRAYERDes-ROW with Maxi Priest
SeulePreston Powis
Something Specialnc ft. Jasmine Nii
Still unbreakableDes-ROW Ft. Vanilla Ice
Summer FairytaleDesign-MAD crew
Surrender (PureFocus remix)U1. ft. Becca Hossany
Take A Step ForwardTAG feat. Sydney Powers
Tell Me What To Doatomsoak ft. cerol
The Heavens AboveU1 /F Anneliese
Wings of an Angel (Fly With Me)J-Mi and Midi-D
From DDR X2
aftershock!!DM Ashura
All My Lovekors k feat.ЯIRE
CG ProjectLatenighters
Dazzlin' DarlinHHH
Dazzlin' Darlin-秋葉工房mix-Remixed by DJ Command
Decadekors k Vs. dj TAKA
dirty digitalkors k
DROPdj TAKA feat.Kanako Hoshino
不沈艦CANDYRisk Junk
GOLD RUSHDJ YOSHITAKA-G feat.Michael a la mode
I'm so HappyRyu☆
in love wit youKotaro feat. Aya
KISS KISS KISS 秋葉工房 MIXRemixed by DJ Command
Amuro vs Killer
Poseidon (kors k mix)NAOKI underground
real-high-SPEEDMakoto feat. SK
sakura stormRyu☆
Second HeavenRyu☆
She is my wifeSUPER STAR 満-MITSURU-
Sky Is The LimitSota F. feat. ANNA
smooooch・∀・kors k
Theory of EternityTAG
Your AngelDM Ashura feat. kors k
Anti-MatterOrbit1 & Milo
London EVOLVED Ver.ATAG underground
London EVOLVED Ver.BTAG underground
London EVOLVED Ver.CTAG underground
New DecadeSota F.
Pierce The SkyJAKAZiD feat. K.N.
Sakura SunriseRyu☆
UNBELIEVEABLE (Sparky remix)jun feat. Sarah-Jane
Valkyrie dimensionSpriggan
From Previous Releases
Lesson by DJU.T.D & Friends
Lesson2 by DJMC DDR
Lesson3 by DJDr. DDR

Total song count: 85

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