Deadly Premonition on Games on Demand

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Good for them.

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I raise a coffee mug in response to this fine news.

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Head shot!

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@owl_of_minerva said:

I raise a coffee mug in response to this fine news.

Indeed, I would do the same, if it weren't too damn warm for coffee

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@swoxx: It's never too warm for coffee.  
Isn't that right, Zach?
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I'm gonna buy it through this!

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Now I can have my very own Endurance Run.

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Now I only need the $42.00 crackers and im set

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Watch Microsoft screw this up and price it at $30 even though it costs $20 for retail discs.

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Actually I just bought this used from Gamestop, then I felt bad about it because a new copy would have been the same price and the money would have gone to the developers. But then I got over it

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Cool, still won't buy it.

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Holy shit, thats awesome. Though I somehow doubt that normal 360 users will appreciate the game for what it is.

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Too bad I bought this game a while a go. A shame indeed, right Zach?

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Sweet, glad to see it going out to more people who haven't played it yet (as everyone should play this underrated gem).

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Zach and I saw this in our coffee a few months back! Amazing!

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I still need this on the PS3. Granted, there is a PS3 version but it's a Japan release only. Throw it up on PSN Swery!

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Can't speak for outside of the UK but over here in England its now out. Go buy it if you hate yourself.

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Even though I already know this game is shit I still might pick it up to play some day that I'm super bored.

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The game has a day-night cycle which operates at one-third of real time; one game day takes eight hours to elapse during free exploration.Time frequently skips ahead in response to story events, and York can accelerate its passage by smoking cigarettes.Places of business and entertainment venues in Greenvale have specific hours of operation and must be visited at the proper time to enter them and make use of their services.The inhabitants also have their own schedules,and will travel around town as they go about their business.They are labeled with onscreen indicators so that they may be tailed in vehicles, and York can peep through the windows of many buildings to observe their activities.If York engages them at the right place and time of day,they can offer him sidequests to perform for additional rewards.There is also a dynamic weather system,in which adverse weather occurs at random and will change conditions in the town, necessitating the use of headlights or windshield wipers when driving. In addition to sidequests, scattered throughout the town are a set of trading cards which can be collected while exploring.

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