Is this game like terribad or something?

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I saw this is Gamestop today and as someone who knows video games, I was genuinely stumped as to what this game was. To my surprise, it Just came out. Does anyone know anything about this besides the paragraph on the wiki and the like 1 trailer that exists? I wish GB had a like quick look request button. This game merits one.

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as the wiki page says, it's a budget title and it doesn't have any (if any, very little) advertising or coverage. 

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Interesting... i may buy that game also. Doesn't sound too bad.

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If someone Does pick this game up on a whim, review it or at least fill in some more wiki data.

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I'm playing it right now, and the first four hours give an awful first impression. It's warming up, though, as the story starts to roll along. I'll review it when I finish it, which could be a while; the game seems to have six chapters, and at six hours I haven't even finished the first. 
The controls, I will say, mimic Resident Evil 4's (which is a bit odd). And it joins No More Heroes in the "terrible, pointless open world" club. And you options for blood color are purple or green. It's...very strange, in many more ways than that. It definitely deserves to be released at $20.

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  looks kinda... i dunno
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Yeah, it isn't wonderful. But the story really picks up into a legitimately interesting (and slightly humorous) murder mystery. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone without a lot of patience or who has better things to do, but it seems to be worthwhile for people just waiting for Heavy Rain (like myself). I'll try to finish it this week and review it, but until then I'll just keep editing the wiki.

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game looks terrible, Z Movie esque. It blew me away how long it was in development and yet how little they have hyped it (i know its a budget title... but theres barely anything to spread the word on this game). This intrigues me and therefore i intend to buy it so one day when its obscure (more obscure then it is on its release date...heh) I'll be able to say I have it and know that no one knows what im talking about =P 
But seriously, I want this game for its obscurity alone. The fact that I suspect its cheesy helps.
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I'm really excited for my copy to come tomorrow, from amazon. I'm a big fan twin peaks and messed up games.

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yaknow what, a quick look request button would work pretty well... they could even just make it a poll on the forums and have a new thread each week listing all of the new releases.
As for the game, it looks pretty bad... it also got a 2/10 from IGN... so um, yup... I'm still just gonna buy Heavy Rain, and um... i'll never buy this game, ever.

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I heard its so bad it will make you want to sell your console.

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hahaha bad games are sometimes good for those times inbetween good games but now aint the time, especially if you own both consoles.

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I actually want to play it. It doesn't seem like a bad game, and the writing is apparently pretty good. People shouldn't be scared away, just because it's a low budget title, with not so great graphics.

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I've played so many bad games that I'm desensitized to badness, I found myself whiteknighting some of them too...
The graphics don't really bother me at all, and the story seems like it'll be interesting enough, I may pick it up if I make some extra cash.

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I'm definitely interested in it. I'm looking forward to hearing what Destructoid says about it.

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Proof the game is good:

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I think IGN's review is pretty disingenuous. Although the game doesn't not have the level of polish of most other games this generation, it's actually pretty fun. That said, there are certainly a number of people who will "get it" and roll with the David Lynch style surrealism (I'd say it does help if you're a "Twin Peaks" fan), while there will be others who hate. 
I finished the game that other day and while I thought it got a little crazy with the supernatural themes during the last two bosses, the story, script and characters up to that point were pretty solid and creative (the story, for me, ended up being more interesting than most games this generation)

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