Good/ Evil Sliders

#1 Posted by SolidOcelot (415 posts) -

In the Options for the game there are too sliders labeled Good and Evil, does anyone know what they do, i already know about the Achievement for setting good all the way to the right and Evil to the left but what does it do in the game if anything, thnks

#2 Posted by Mysterysheep (399 posts) -

I think it's purely a gag for the achievement.

#3 Posted by rybrad (128 posts) -
@Mysterysheep said:
" I think it's purely a gag for the achievement. "
This.  I changed them around and played the first hour or so of the game with no visible difference in anything.
#4 Posted by TorgoGrooves89 (346 posts) -

I said this in another forum somwhere, what i think this is is a jab at many games having morality sliders these days and how artificial those systems acutally are when compared to the problems of morality in the real world. So in DeathSpank you can change them whenever you want and they do nothing. I thought it was pretty funny.
#5 Posted by habster3 (3600 posts) -
@Mysterysheep said:
"I think it's purely a gag for the achievement. "
#6 Posted by Chocobodude3 (670 posts) -
@SolidOcelot: No it is inly for the achievement 

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