What time do Arcade Titles show up on marketplace??

#1 Posted by rentfn (1377 posts) -

I was wondering if they release at midnight pst or at random hours. I wanted to stay up and play it as soon as I could but I might try to wake up early and get it.

#2 Posted by Crono11 (1653 posts) -

I think it's closer to early morning then late at night but I'm not sure exactly.

#3 Posted by KyleBaron (176 posts) -

I haven't checked on XBLA yet, but the demo and full game is available on PSN right now.

#4 Posted by Redbullet685 (6200 posts) -

Usually 6am Central US. Around that time Im pretty sure

#5 Posted by roscoe (144 posts) -

nah its around 4 central

#6 Posted by Redbullet685 (6200 posts) -
@roscoe said:
" nah its around 4 central "
Oh, well when Blacklight it wasnt out at 4. Maybe its always different.
#7 Posted by ArterialSpray (3 posts) -

2 AM Pacific Standard Time. Almost always in my experience. Which would be 4 am Central.

#8 Posted by tactis (370 posts) -

hmm its still not up... weird

#9 Posted by TorgoGrooves89 (336 posts) -

Ugh, i've been waiting to play this all morning. Hopefully it'll come up for sale soon.
#10 Posted by tactis (370 posts) -

yes!! it is up!

#11 Posted by YoungFrey (1363 posts) -

I see them between 4-5 Pacific Time usually.  Today Deadliest Warrior became available around 4:45 for me, but Deathspank hadn't surfaced by 5.  I don't know if they distribute them by region or not.  I can't imagine that many people are waiting by their 360s to start downloads (unless it a MW map pack) so it probably universal. 

#12 Posted by Briggs713 (239 posts) -

I live in Ontario, Canada and I've still got nothing.  It's 11:21 AM here.

#13 Posted by The_Philosopher (634 posts) -

12:30 here and I've been waiting all morning, hopefully it's up soon.
#14 Edited by Mittt (60 posts) -

Yeah its not up for me in Texas either. Advertising for it all over the dashboard but it only offers a trailer to download.
{Edit} It's 10:30am here.

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Right here guys: 


It doesn't show up in the full game or demo tab, but it's there on the game page for 1200MSP. As long as you're using a western XBL account you can buy it through the website from any country (ie Germany, Great Britain, Netherlands, etc...) so you don't have to worry about finding a localized version of the page.
#16 Posted by The_Philosopher (634 posts) -

I found this on the offical site: 

DeathSpank Available Now on PlayStation Network in North America! - July 13th, 2010

Title says it all… go forth, hit PlayStation Network and purchase DeathSpank now to satisfy all your pent up justice delivering desires!

Other release information: DeathSpank will be launched worldwide on Xbox LIVE Arcade between midnight and 2am pacific time tonight and then on PlayStation Network in Europe tomorrow."

#17 Posted by MrKlorox (11142 posts) -

Like I said, it's up and ready to be bought.

#18 Posted by BOOM (88 posts) -
@MrKlorox:  Thank you.

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