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Great add-on!

I love the original Deus Ex. It wasn't with out it's faults, however it did a lot of stuff right. This DLC does a lot of stuff right as well. They have made some improvements to the graphics system and it shows, especially with the lighting. There are times when you notice steam coming off of pipes or the way light filters down into a room or out of a window that really help to draw you in. The voice work in the game was very well done as well. The main characters all sound just fine but I had the most fun coming up on soldiers talking and all the dialogue that was recorded for that. That extra dialogue for the npc's is that extra detail for me that made the add-on really worth it.  This add-on also seemed to steer you a bit more towards stealth then the previous game, sure you can go guns blazin if you want but it really felt like your supposed to be sneaking around the ship taking guys down one at a time.  Lastly, a staple of Deus Ex is always having choices in how you approach your problems. Its no different here, I love as a gamer the freedom to tackle a problem a couple different ways and to know that choice is always there. very very cool. 
 There are only a few gripes I have with add-on. I thought the story was very blah. It felt a little too stereotypical and honestly, it felt shoe horned in. I know it could be hard to have you start at the end on human revolution but it still felt wierd to me.  I am also getting a bit tired of emails and pocket secretaries. A lot of times I didn't want to sit and read emails I wanted to move on down the hall. These are small gripes but they never let me forget that I was playing a videogame.  
Overall I had a blast with the missing link and I recommend it to anyone who liked the human revolution. 
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