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DLC Available

Double Jump PackGives the player the ability to Double Jump.
Time Is Money Pack
Top Hat PackEquips the player with a Top Hat.
Pause Menu PackAllows the player to pause.
Map PackOpens up the second half of the map.
Pet Pack
Animation PackGives the player animation.
Movement PackGives the player the ability to move to the left.
Audio PackAudio will not be played unless this DLC is bought.
Psychological Warfare PackAllows you to pass an NPC.
Sexy Outfits PackMost characters are outfitted with bikinis.
Armor for your HorseGives the player's horse armour. This is a parody of the horse armour DLC in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.
The Zombie PackSpawns random zombies across the map.
Nightmode PackAllows for the player to travel back to the first half of the map upon travelling to the second half.
Gun PackGives the player a gun.
Finish The Fight PackUnlocks the True Final Boss.

Additional DLC

An expansion pack, Live Freemium or Die, is stated for release shortly.

It will include extra DLC and awardments.

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