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 A random skirmish.
Missions are played out like a board game (similar to the Mario Party Franchise) players take turns spinning a spinner and then move to a designated square. Unlike Mario Party, it is said that the board will be more open, meaning that players will usually be able to choose the direction they want to go. Landing on a space will normally cause a battle to break out, which will play like a version of Rock-Paper-Scissors. The game is primarily multi-player focused and it will be possible to hurt other players in multiple ways including dressing up as the player and robbing a shopkeeper thus making them "wanted". Players can gear up (if the will find a shop), free towns from powerful creatures and collect taxes, fight each other and cast spells. There are three available character classes in Dokapon Kingdom: a warrior,a mage and a thief - both male and female with customizable color schemes and hairdos. The characters level up as the gain experience, and they can upgrade their statistics and (when thy gain a job level) they are given an opportunity to learn new skills.


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