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 Double Dragon on the Neo Geo is significantly different from its predecessors.
Originally released on March 3, 1995 for the Neo Geo (MVS version), Double Dragon was later released for the Neo Geo (AES version), Neo Geo CD, and PlayStation. Developed by Technos Japan Corporation and published by SNK, the game is a traditional one-on-one fighting game. Double Dragon is loosely based on the film of the same name, with the introduction cutscenes featuring specific clips from the movie. Additionally, many characters and stages are borrowed from the film.

When Billy Lee and Jimmy Lee receive a letter from their old martial arts instructor, they decide to return to their hometown after leaving for ten years. The town is now in completely controlled by violent gangs, with rampant violence and crime. This triggers the Lee brothers to make the decision to stop the violence, fighting against a variety of other martial artists.


 The game has twelve different fighters from the Double Dragon universe.
The second full-on fighting game in the franchise (the first being Double Dragon V: The Shadow Falls), Double Dragon's character design and general graphical style differs from the cartoonish style of Double Dragon V. Featuring characters from the film or adapting characters from previous games, the game has twelve different characters to choose from (only ten of these characters are in the home version). Naturally, the game includes the Lee brothers and Marian, but also features a variety of enemies from the original games, such as Abobo.

 Charge moves become more powerful the lower the user's health
A traditional fighting game, Double Dragon features most of the common moves found in arcade and Neo Geo fighting games. A four button fighting game (fast, weak, medium, and strong attacks), there aren't specific buttons for punching or kicking. Additionally, the game has a charge meter which is filled as the match progresses, allowing characters to perform special moves.

The PlayStation version is slightly different from the Neo Geo game. Graphically, the game is almost the same, with only minor changes to character design and background graphics. The PlayStation also added two new modes, other than the traditional Normal Mode. Overdrive Mode is a slightly faster mode of the Normal Mode, and the other new mode, Tiny 3D Mode, is an attempt at adding 3D to the game (although most critics agreed this did not work that well).


Billy Lee 

Billy Lee     
Practicing the fighting style of Sousetsuken (a fighting style he created which combines Shaolin Kenpo, Tai Chi, karate, judo, and akido), Billy Lee is one of the two main characters. Along with his brother, he runs a fighting dojo, where they work together to perfect the best martial arts techniques. This comes to an end when they visit their hometown, and make the decision to end the violence in the city. Billy Lee is voiced by Hikaru Midorikawa.

Jimmy Lee 

Jimmy Lee also practices the Sousetsuken fighting style, and is the older and taller of the two brothers. He focuses more on powerfully offensive moves, rather than the quick attacks of Billy Lee. Initially, he is wary about trying to end the crime and violence in their city, but he eventually agrees to help put a stop to the violence. Jimmy Lee is voiced by Kaneto Shiozawa.


The damsel in distress of the franchise is a now inexplicably a gang leader and a master at street fighting (inspired by the movie). She uses the street gang that she's in control of to fight the crime in the city, all while enjoying cultured interests such as drugs and figure skating (which factors into her abilities). Marian is voiced by Yuka Koyama.


A large, bulky street fighter, Abobo has been in nearly every one of the Double Dragon games, as well as the Double Dragon movie. He works for Koga Shuko, the mastermind behind most of the violence in Bloody Town. At seven feet tall, sometimes Abobo's size and sheer strength is enough to deter his opponents, although his victories are constantly stolen by another gang member, Burnov, who gets along very poorly with Abobo. Abobo is voiced by Daisuke Gouri


Born in Detroit, Burnov is an incredible large wrestler at 495 pounds. Known as the human bomb, he used to be a heavyweight champion. After learning of Koga Shuko's organization, Burnov quit wrestling and became one of Shuko's right-hand men. Burnov is also voiced by Daisuke Gouri.


A Venezuelan kickboxer, Eddie is in charge of training Koga Shuko's henchmen. Eddie's fighting style is a unique combination of Muay Thai and other martial arts. Although he is a martial arts teacher, he is also an incredibly powerful fighter, and is consistently searching for ways to improve upon his abilities. Eddie is voiced by Yukimasa Kishino.


A mysterious warrior of Asian descent, not much is known about Amon. He practices a fighting style employed by ninjas, known as Ryuganinpoh. Very little is known about him, other than the fact that he came to America to search for his lost family, believing that Koga Shuko might have information about their disappearance. Amon is voiced by Kaneto Shiozawa.

Cheng Fu 

Another opposer of Koga Shuko, Cheng Fu is a unique fighter whose fighting style is Suihassenken. A carefree justice-lover, Cheng Fu enjoys sake, a type of Japanese alcohol. Although he is a skilled fighter, he dislikes trying to learn (particularly lectures), and is constantly sneaking out of his training. Cheng Fu is voiced by Hisao Egawa.


An Italian street fighter, Dulton wanders from city to city searching for an unknown person or thing. It is believed by some that he is searching for Koga Shuko, but no other information is known regarding his nomadic tendencies. Dulton is a proud, powerful fighter, but can also be very caring or responsible towards others. Dulton is voiced by Yusaku Yara.


A Dutch fighter, Rebecca is another person seeking Koga Shuko. She had fallen in love with a man named Eric, who she met at her father's martial arts dojo. Eventually, she discovered that Eric was a spy from Shuko, and that he was attempting to absorb the dojo into his evil operations. After an emotional battle with Eric, she decides to take down Shuko. Rebecca is voiced by Keiko Han.


Koga Shuko
Practicing the fictional art of Moukohisouken, a Chinese fighting style also known as the shadow murder, Duke is the right-hand man and bodyguard of Koga Shuko. Duke is a ruthless fighter, willing to murder without reserve. He enjoys causing pain to others, especially pain that merely tortures someone rather than killing them. Duke is voiced by Hisao Egawa.

Koga Shuko 

The main antagonist of both the game and the film, Koga Shuko is behind most of the nefarious organizations and businesses in Bloody Town. Shuko practices both kubojutsu and ninpoh (magical abilities). The final boss of the game, Koga Shuko contains nearly limitless power. Koga Shuko is voiced by Osamu Saka.

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