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The birthplace of the console RPG. 0

The template by which all other console RPG's have come from. This game was carefully crafted to take a complicated genre of RPG games and make it easy for the masses to grasp and understand and enjoy. It successfully accomplished these goals and became a cultural phenomenon in Japan as a result spawning a huge series of games and spinoffs as well as an entire genre.While it hasn't aged well you can see how many of the things we take for granted today began here. It's still a relatively enjoyabl...

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Is This Genre-Birthing Quest Still A Hero? 1

  You're journeying through a massive world and have two choices: you can either save a hot babe or slay the Dragon Lord. Which would you choose? Regardless of your decision, you don't have to make that choice in the first RPG to hit the NES, because Dragon Quest allows fans of 8-bit games to do both. This 8-bit title amazed Japanese gamers back in 1986, because it brought the immersive experience of PC RPGs such as Wizardry to consoles. It didn't reach the U.S. until three years later in the fo...

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