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a revolution to the point-and-click adventure genre

 The game begins with you playing a character you may be familiar from the first longest journey called Brian Westhouse who seems to be in some Monastery with monks, after which he is teleported to this strange new 'Dream world' where you meet a mysterious fellow who likes telling stories, but your introduction is dropped short with the arrival of 'The Undreaming'.

As we remember from the first Longest Journey - the earth is split into two halves, the first is a science-fiction world called Stark where technology is the main driving force and the other half is Arcadia, a fantasy world driven by Magic.

For the most part, you follow the story of a young girl called Zoe Castillo who lives with her father in Casablanca whose story begins which her in a coma with her father at her bedside and she begins to go through the story which led up to her being in this state of mind. The rest of the story follows two others, one being a well familiar face from the first game, April Ryan. A shifter who could shift between the two worlds and restored the balance and the other is a new and mysterious character called Kian Alvaine who is a skilled swordsman and apostle.

As you play through Dreamfall's twisted plot, you feel compelled to play through it to the end. The depth of emotion and the quality of the voice acting really does sell this game and its story. If you played the first longest journey - you will be able to revisit some of your favourite places and see how in the last 10 years things has changed and I can gladly say that Crow, a talking bird is back in all his humorous and witty self.

Dreamfall is definitely an adventure game for the masses - the revolution of the point-and-click adventure game is here. We all know it is a little tedious with all these minor puzzles which bring nothing to the actual plot and if your a fan of the first longest journey - I don't think you will be disappointed to this game since it does include a lot of gameplay mechanics such as fighting and stealth which is very simple but does bring a breath of fresh air to a very niche genre.

Overall, Dreamfall brings you on an incredible journey making you cry out for more when you finish and although it is not an unsatisfying ending of a game you do feel that you should of been given the answers to a lot more unsolved mysteries due to the flashback nature of the story.

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