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A driving line is a dynamically generated line that appears overlayed on a race track in simulation style racing games. These lines can vary in colour, size, and shape, but generally they plot the most ideal route that a driver can take on a course. The colour of the line usually ranges from green to yellow to red, which indicates at what speed the player is driving relative to the ideal speed as determined by the game, such as green if the player is driving at speed, or red if the player is driving too fast.

The appearance of driving lines in simulation style racing games is meant to help players by showing them the best route they can drive, such as takin g a corner tightly, bleeding off speed in preparation for a maneuver, or gaining speed on a straight away. The driving line can be used in combination with other player assists, such as auto braking, or assisted turning to help players more easily play a simulation style racing game. This was largely in response to many players who were used to playing more arcade style racers, who were unfamiliar with the skill set required for a simulation style racer.

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