jimbo_n's Dungeon Keeper (PC) review

One of the three greatest PC games ever made..

The pinnacle of Peter Molyneux founded Bullfrog Productions and also his finest work there before he left to set up Lionhead Studios. Took a standard strategy/management formula and turned the tables on it. Instead of playing the good guys you play an evil Dungeon Keeper and you task is to dig out a huge cave filled with different rooms to attract dark creatues from a portal wich you then have to feed, train and take to battle when the good lord of the land comes to visit. You dig out "rooms" and fill them with room tiles much like Theme Hospital but in a dark and evil cavesystem. The concept is actually very close to the more recent Viva Piñata. I dont know if anyone but me noticed that VP was a Dungeon Keeper ripoff set in a sunny garden. Maybe thats why I liked VP so much even tho it was so childish. Anyways, Dungeon Keeper was extremely innovative in how it worked. Different creatures gets attracted by different things in your dungeon and some of them fight each other so you have to keep them separate. Dungeon Keeper also succeeds by being very unique in graphical style and overall theme. It has some of the best audio ever and its a legendary classic that I recommend everyone to play right now because guess what, it still works flawlessly on modern PCs and windows Vista. Thats says quite alot of how professionally programmed this game is. DK had a dark sense of humor to it and it really made fun of the general fantasy hype while also incorporating revolutionary new ways to look at management simulations and strategy games on the PC.


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