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DSIII: The Loot Crawler Evolved? 2

Dungeon Siege III is an odd game, a Frankenstein's monster with the stitches still showing, if you'll pardon the metaphor. It is not a conventional dungeon crawler, but neither is it much of a traditional CRPG either as might be expected from Obsidian. Rather what they've done is taken the emphasis on equipment progression typical of the loot crawler and transplanted it into a linear, narratively structured action game. The writing resembles that of a CRPG, with hints of choice and consequence, ...

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A well made but content lacking experience. 0

What the heck is DS3 ? Dungeon Siege 3 can be technically classified as an Action RPG, but honestly that label is kind of too broad these days and can mean different things to different people. Lets get down to basics: Take the hack’n’slash dungeon crawler like Diablo or Titan Quest. Take a classic RPG like Never Winter Nights 2 or Dragon Age. Dungeon Siege 3 is somewhere in the middle. It does not do what the above games do to the same depth as either geanre but does provide a decent mixture of...

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A great shooting game (Not an RPG) 0

It's a pretty fun Shooting game with a Fantasy RPG flavour. Sure thing, it is a pure arcade business  and not a Dungeon Siege experience likes you been expecting  but it doesn't mean it is not a good game.The fights are frenetic, colourful and fun in a co-op situation, maybe too confusing if you are playing with other 3 friends,  but trust me, if you like shooting  game with  levelling up, upgrades and everything you need to blast away hordes of enemy and bosses, well.   you are going to love th...

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A Tale Worth Seeing Through 1

As a former high school basketball player, I understand the value of the "glue guy" role: A solid, dependable contributor who isn't exactly on par with the team's superstars, but whose performances are nevertheless valuable to the squad. If I assemble a list of RPGs on the XBox 360, Dungeon Siege 3 will be the "glue game". It's a game that has few glaring weaknesses, coupled with enough strengths to make it stand out slightly above the crowd. It's not a game that will forever change RPG game his...

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A Flawed but Enjoyable Experience 0

I played the first first Dungeon Siege and it expansion and enjoyed those games quite a lot I never got around to playing DS 2, but regardless this game is extremely different than the first two.Note: I just kind of grabbed these images from the site, I did not take any of these images.Concept artGameplayThe game is an action RPG, sort of similar to Fable and Dragon Age, on the 360 controller you press A to do the basic attacks and the other face buttons are mapped to special skills and abilitie...

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Dungeon Epic. 0

For all you who aren’t aware of the series, imagine and dungeon crawling epic much like that of the Forgotten Realms game Baldur’s Gate or like a modern Gauntlet.The dungeon crawling epic takes place in the land of Ehb, a land torn by the loss of it’s king and the divide of it’s once noble protectors, the Legion. You play as one of the blood relatives of a once great member of legion and your quest is to unite the land against a great evil who killed the King.The gameplay is very similar to most...

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Decent Game, Lackluster Polish 0

While there's been a lot of talk about the control scheme utterly sucking on the PC; I hadn't really heard anyone talking about the controls for the console. While most aspects of gameplay are fine (mash the button) there are some particulars that just don't feel 100% such as picking up loot, running up against odd boundaries and combat targeting.When you kill some mobs, there is invariably loot that drops. Some of this loot (not gold) is an object you can optionally pick up. You do this using t...

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Decent Intro to Series 0

I suppose I am lucky that I didn't play the original two, but I was in the mood for a hack and slash loot fest, so Dungeon Siege III looked like a good option.And it is not a bad game. It's a bit short (10 hours and I apparently missed one sidequest) but it does hack and slash well enough. It certainly isn't Diablo, but it is probably the best example of this genre I've played on a console, including Torchlight.I played the game as Lucas, who is basically the tank character of this game. No real...

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