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Dungeonmans is a lighthearted 2D Roguelike with tactical combat in a persistent world. It is focus is on hectic fights with lots of enemies, freeform character development that lets you create unique loadouts of powers and skills, and the Dungeonmans Academy, a headquarters for heroes that also serves as a method to pass knowledge and power on from graduate to graduate.


A preview build of Dungeonmans is available for free at

The game is currently in development and is scheduled to be available sometime during March 2014.


Dungeonmans was first released as an early alpha in the summer of 2010. While similar to the game that it is today, Dungeonmans consisted of only one dungeon and a lacklustre overworld. Since then, the game and website have both been updated, but you can see the old website here:

Full time development on the current version of Dungeonmans began in fall of 2012.


Fighting against the Dread Purpleonians, heroes take advantage of movement based powers to dash around the battlefield and line up powerful attacks against groups of foes.

Crypt type dungeons are full of tight hallways and blind corners, all of which are choked with undead.

Bandits and highwaymen(s) block roadways, and heroes can clear these roadblocks to provide bonuses to nearby settlements.

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