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The Good,The Not so Bad, but the Very Ugly.

Should fun cost a lot of money to you? The creators behind the budget title Earth Defense Force Insect Armageddon believe that it shouldn't. There may not be much new, or ground breaking to witness with Earth Defense Force, but what it does manage to do, it does very well, and most importantly of all, it's fun. It is your typical run of the mill third person shooter, albeit that the controls still feel floaty like many other budget titles feel. This game is simply put, an old school arcade game, where you shoot wave after wave of enemies, ON STEROIDS. The visuals may look pretty bad, the story is almost non existent, but if there was ever a game to include a massive hoard of enemies, with a destructible metropolis, Earth Defense Force would be king. All this title offers is just this little pleasure of blowing stuff up with a variety of classes, and a number of different weapons. The only thing that holds back this title from being great is that the title isn't ambitious to stray away from the same formula. You are literally playing the same level, after level. The places change and so do the enemies, but it all begins to feel a bit tiresome after a few hours in. Luckily there is a nice cooperative mode to choose which is how the game should be played, although this will not last as long either, but what can you expect from a budget title. Well apparently thanks to Earth Defense Force Insect Armageddon, you should start to expect more not only out of budget developers, but out of bigger ones as well. My personal opinion is to rent this, or wait until its less than 20 dollars, you aren't really missing anything by not playing it, but it is still a fun romp that is perfect for just blowing S*%T up again. 


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