mrnivek's Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard (Xbox 360) review

So So Shooter

You know I went into this game with low expectations and didn’t think it was all that bad. The story is cheesy with Matt Hazard being a washed up video game hero making fun of the very video game he is in. I think the game was long enough that this didn’t get too annoying. I think one of the funnier lines was when your character tells you he is going to finish things up and get the so and so achievement.

About the achievements,  you can’t beat getting 60 achievement points for just watching the credits. You don’t even have to beat the game to watch the credits either… The game was pretty generous with the achievement points and I think I got 700 or so without really trying to get any of them.

But a couple of things did annoy me during the game, first the aiming was just off. A lot of times I swear I was aiming at the enemy and crosshairs were red but still it didn’t seem like I was registering a hit. Second, I died a lot and didn’t seem to have a full sense of how close my character was to dying. One time I might just take shot after shot and still live and the other I would peak around the corner and bang. Dead… Frustrating but I kept playing.

Definitely a rent and as for buying it would have to be in a pretty cheap bargain bin.

Posted by knivesor360

much like the hoildays matt hazard is bearable but still some fun can be had.

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