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Edward is a loyal supporter of the liberation force, lead by Sigmund. A capable fighter who throws himself into combat with his large broadsword. While it may appear that he lets his feelings and emotions get the better of him, especially at the start of the game, it's clear that Edward is a capable fighter, who deeply cares about his comrades. This doesn't stop him however, from becoming jealous over Sigmunds apparent liking towards Capell.
Edward is one of the first people to become ill due to the effects of the lunar rain, a deadly rain that turns the blessed into "Veriforms", when they lose control over their glyph and become hostile towards friends. However, the party travel to Kiriya and heal Edward intime.
In combat, Edward is a powerful Melee fighter. Many of his combat abilities revolve around the use of his large sword to toss enemies into the air, and juggle them.
Edward is one of the characters who is a blacksmith by trade, namely the one who is good with metals (Bladed weapons and armor).

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