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Before there was Adventures of Lolo, there was Eggerland. In this sequel to the first Eggerland for the Famicom Disk System, Lolo must once again pass through a series of puzzle stages to reach King Egger and rescue his love Lala.

Meikyuu no Fukkatsu ("Revival of the Labyrinth") refers to the second MSX Eggerland game, named Labyrinth Myth. As in that game, Lolo must not only traverse across various single-screen puzzle stages but also discover the correct path through these stages to locate King Egger. This is opposed to Adventures of Lolo, in which each stage is presented one after the other in a linear fashion.


As with every Eggerland/Adventures of Lolo game, the goal is to collect all the heart icons on each screen and then find the way back to a treasure chest. Collecting the key it contains opens the doors out of the stage and eliminates any enemies on the screen, rendering that particular stage "complete" and safe to travel through.

Failing to collect the heart icons in the right order - the game requires a certain amount of strategy - will lead to Lolo either getting caught by enemies or trapped in a stalemate situation where he cannot continue. In the latter case, the player can leave the area and come back or hit the Select button to self-destruct; either action will reset the current stage.

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