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Ensalved has a amazing story even when the game isnt


Enslaved review

Enslaved was made by the developer of heavenly sword (ninja theory) and it shows in their game for better or worse. Giving you the great story telling and setting the bar for games yet also having the heavily sword button mashing combat and simple plat forming.  

The game is set in a post apoplectic future where humans are struggling to survive and contently stalked by slaver who wants to make human slaves and robots who just want to kill humans. The game opens with you waking up after being captured and witness one of the captured slaves escaping and mange to get out with her only to be made her slave. The game manages to make you feel for the charters involved and gives a level of depth to the charter not normally found in games.

The game biggest weakness is the part where you play it. The game play consists of three main parts plat forming, simple puzzle solving and combat. The plat forming has no depth because it impossible to fail pretty much all the time where they just want you to hit A in a direction till you reach where you going. The puzzle solving is very simple puzzle where you hit some switches in an order to move into the next room really feeling like a game lengthener. The combat being just hit hit hit and then dodge repeat till all enemies are dead. The most complex the game play gets is early on when you get different ways to take on a fight and it becomes slightly easy if you do it the way the developers want you to. The game offer some upgrades to make the combat slightly more complex and allows you to take a little more damage. The game play as a whole falls a bit short feeling that games have moved on since heavenly sword.

Enslaved is a good game with a decent story but at 8 hours and little reason apart from achievement to play through again it worth a rent at best or wait till it cheap.

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