replicantsavior's Enslaved: Odyssey to the West (PlayStation 3) review

Fantastic story-telling with some slightly underwhelming combat

If the first twenty minutes don't prove that developers can write incredible dialoge and story seguences in to an action plat-former, I don't know what will. Some of the best voice acting and facial emoting ever grace the beginning of this slightly unbalanced adventure. No doubt anyone who plays this game will remember most the startling good opening sequence and genuinely moving cut scene that follows. It's a great moment in video gaming.<br /> What comes next is a modestly disappointing combat mechanic that slightly, but not ultimately, hampers a unique and challenging game. You will fight the same enemies throughout, with occasional incredible boss fights, some of which incorporate the "cloud", which could have been featured a lot more, but was probably best to keep it limited for the fun factor. <br /> Monkey and Trip are two characters that truly propel the game, and if story and dialog are important to you, then have no hesitation in deciding whether to play. As Monkey, your willingness and determination to protect the girl are gripping, despite the reasons you are asked to do so. It's a remarkable achievement. <br /> There are some undeniably thrilling moments throughout, with some spectacular design and graphics. It's no early Prince of Persia, and though undoubtedly meant to compete with Uncharted, its on-rails platforming makes things a little too easy, especially in an age of free climbers like Assassin's Creed. Still, there is a wonder fluidity to Monkey, and it's fun to guide him along the crumbling high handhelds of this post-apocalyptic earth.<br /> A really good game that deserves a play-through. Do it    

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