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Greek Mythology

 A painting of Eos.
In Greek literature it was Eos that let Helios ride his sun chariot across the sky. She did this everyday by opening the heaven's gate.

God of War Series

 Eos speaking through a medium.
Eos is the sister and wife of Helios, the Sun God (Greek gods were weird that way). She asks for Kratos' help in stopping Morpheus, god of Dreams, who has rendered almost everyone on Earth, even the majority of the gods themselves, unconscious, hoping to rule over a dreaming world for all eternity. Eos grants Kratos the Light of Dawn power, the obligatory ranged magical attack of Chains of Olympus, equivalent to Zeus' Fury from the original game and Typhon's Bane from GoW II. Her gratitude to Kratos for saving her love probably only extends to God of War III, in which Kratos ends up murdering the very god he spent an entire game rescuing, infamously tearing Helios' head off with his bare hands.

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