Are all babies girls?!

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Did you ever noticed how all the main characters children are always girls (at least for me)? O.o 
Is it possble to have a son?

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It's possible. If I remember correctly you have to eat some kind of food or similar to boost the probability. Gamefaqs or similar should have a guide about it.

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I believe girls are made at dusk, while boys are made at dawn(or vice versa -- I'm not sure).

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Icemael hit it on the nose. 
But it's a crying shame that they never grow over say, 10.

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Mine was a boy...
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Thanks for the answers guys! I thought it was weird that... 
I wanna see how it is to have a son in the game.
I'm going to try at dawn.
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Have you never seen Jurassic Park?   But don't worry, nature finds a way.

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