shinjiex's Fable III (Xbox 360) review

3rd Times The Charm?

Sadly no just like it's previous installments it fails to deliver again with a another one time play forgettable bitter experience of what could of been
Limited world lackadaisical quest poor story telling and overall just to short for a role playing game it does help there is no reply value to be had here
Sure I could go on about the great graphics and decent combat system 
but given that we have been fortunate in the last half decade to have a lot of great games 
you have to now approach a game on it's pacing from start to finish 
as well as longevity an or high reply value something Fable can't seem to nail down it's 3rd time out
What ever Lion Head was going for with the Fable series will never been clearly known 
hopefully Fable III marks the end of this mess of a series


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