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Ghat, the protagonist of Zeno Clash was raised by Father-Mother and had lived with the family clan all his life and everything seemed just peachy. This was until Ghat discovered Father-Mother's darkest secret. When Ghat confronted it, it lead to a fight which ended with the death of Father-Mother. Father-Mother's secret is never revealed to any of the supporting characters, nor to the player, at least not until the very end. 
Father-Mother is like the king or queen in the family clan. The clan consists of many people, all children of Father-Mother, all looking up to it in a way that borders on worship. They all swore to protect it against all harm because of the life it had given them. But Father-Mother's secret is that it steals newborn babies from their parents and replaces them with baby pigs, baby cows, etc. The human parents, apparently being dumber than a sack of hammers, are fooled and the ignorant mother thinks she has given birth to a pig, but actually Father-Mother steals babies in order to bring them into the clan and keep the clan strong. 
Father-Mother is an inhuman looking character, partly human, partly bird, etc. One of its biggest characteristics is that it is huge. It is twice the height of any of the other characters in the game and it has an oddly androgynous, crow like voice.

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