potzergaeren's Fear Effect (PlayStation) review

Excellent! weird, but excellent. it's a crime that eidos let this

Eidos had something special with fear effect. It was gorgeous (for being on ps1), it was innovative with the fear meter, it was a bizarre but truly engaging storyline, and it pushed the envelope with adult themes, that at the time sony wasn't quite ready to push!

Find this game if you don't have it.

The animated appearance, and backgrounds are insanely well-detailed for the antiquated PSX technology.

The gameplay is tight and engaging. You'll lose whole days on this bad boy. Definitely worth sifting thru the bargain bin for.

The hardest thing here is to categorize this game. It's not survival horror, and it's not really action, plus it's got a good helping of mystery solving too. Just play it, and you'll understand my difficulty here.


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