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Feudalism was an economic system, mostly used in Medieval times, in which kings would grant land to lords in return for warriors. The pieces of lands which were granted to lords were known as feuds, or feifs. The king's tenants then leased that land to knights, who leased it to yeoman. Every man within the land was a vassal, or servant, to the lord, and was required to swear loyalty unto him, and when he did, he would receive protection and justice in return.

 The feudal system resulted in great class polarization, and provided little opportunity for upward mobility. The few and the rich were known to overpower and abuse the weak, poor masses, and exploit them for labor on their lands. Though it was not intended, a heirarchy of class was created.

Feudalism has been accurately portrayed across many media formats, including video games. Feudalism has been a theme in many games, particularly strategy titles, such as Civilization, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, and other classics. Many games set in medieval time periods also depict the feudal system. Feudal Japan has also become a popular theme in video games.

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