Heavy stuttering on "Clock stage"

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Hey, I'm wondering if anyone came across this problem as well.

Fez has stutter issues, I think anyone that played it noticed it, but it's not really something that damages the experience so it really didn't bother me. That is, it didn't bother me until I reached the "clock stage" (basically a scenario in which there is a big clock). For some reason, in this place, the frame rate drops to, like, one frame every five seconds, which makes it completely unplayable. If I exit this scenario, the game goes back to normal, but as soon as I return to it, the frame rate takes a dive. I've tried getting passed it, but there are some moving cubes that squash you, and with the broken frame rate it's impossible (at least for me) to make it through. Has this happened to anyone else? And, if so, do you have a solution?

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Yeah, I had horrible framerate issues at this area as well. It's unfortunate because it makes it a chore to get through the area, and it really just ends up being a wasted world, as you can't really enjoy what's going on due to the awful framerate.

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Heavy weather effects and zooming into the background seem to be the worst frame rate issues I'm seeing. It hasn't yet affected my precision with the controls.

Edit: Oh, I just had my first crash to dashboard during a room transition. Yuck. Oh well, nothing lost... but thar be glitches in that room, boy! (It shouldn't be a spoiler to say it's the QR code room. ;) Actually it's kinda funky, I should youtube it to help Phil out. ;D

It's also a bit odd that they haven't assigned any "box art" to the quickplay menu yet. Just the icon.

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There is a fare amount of stuttering and crashing in this game, which is really a shame as it looks amazing and has some really neat ideas

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