Isn't there a bit of a spoiler on the Fez overview page?

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This is concerning the glyphs section. I visited the page before playing it without realising that section was there and felt it kind of spoilt some of the puzzle solving aspects for me. I mean, playing it now, you could have guessed that all those symbols was some kind of language, but you may not know that you would need to figure it out at some point, and you definitely wouldn't have known what the controller inputs for the tetrominos were. Surely this stuff should be in a guide and not in the description?

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I'm pretty sure spoilers are allowed in our wiki. The reasoning is that if you are interested in a game enough to want to play it for yourself and don't want to be spoiled, a wiki for that game isn't the place to go to as it's filled with all relevant info concerning a game.

Though, this is concerning "Story" sections. I don't know how it's handled with gameplay parts.

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@FluxWaveZ: Is it that obvious though? I mean, if theres a sub heading that says 'Plot' I know not to read to read that section if I don't want to ruin the story, but I can't think of anything else that comes to mind would be that obvious to avoid.

Does the wiki have some kind of spoiler bar function that you can utilize like in forum posts?

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Don't read a game's wiki if you wanna play it and not be spoiled, it can be argued that almost all of the Fez wiki would have to be in a spoiler tag except the parts telling you how to jump and rotate :S A wiki is designed to catagorize and explain a video game's concepts and ideas as thoroughly as possible. If you know you're a person who doesn't like spoilers then don't find yourself on a page that lays out the game like that.

There's nothing else to say really.

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The glyphs feature heavily throughout the game so to leave them out of the wiki would be leaving out a huge aspect of the game. But simply knowing the glyphs or tetrominos mean something doesn't take away from the experience of the game. It's still up to you to figure out what exactly they mean and how to solve those puzzles. And if you get to a stage where you're completely stuck then you can choose to check out the cypher we posted.

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