Morse Code? (Spoilers? Maybe?)

#1 Posted by Rourkey (199 posts) -

Help me duders.

I just reached a room in Fez through a door in the lighthouse stage that you can only access once you lower the water level.

In this room is a sculpture type thing that is split down the middle. (I thought it maybe looked like a tuning fork) Also in this room the controller starts buzzing weird. Listening to this buzzing I thought it sounded like god damned Morse code.

Am I just losing it? Or is this game just that bloody complex?

I got this:

. - - . . . - - - - . - - . . . - - - - . - -

Looks like maybe its a repeating pattern but i cant work out where it starts or ends.

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The key lies in your hands.

#3 Posted by 1p (798 posts) -

I thought it was morse code for a long time. It's not morse code.

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If it is a morse code then you should be able to hear pauses. This code you gave here is in a clutter. Here's what I managed to decipher out of it:

  • WS97GM
  • W38UQT
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It's the main character blinking.

Move along people.

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@xaLieNxGrEyx: It's not the character blinking. This isn't about the monolith, reread the first post.

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And to add to ' hint: There's something specific about the buzzing.

edit: slight rephrasing of hint.

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dude just ... copy what it tells you to

#9 Posted by elisethevorpular (2 posts) -

@rourkey: Hi! I don't even know if you go to this forum anymore, but I totally registered just to tell you that I spent the last hour playing with Morse code permutations :D

I repeated what you wrote down a few times to try to figure out where might make sense for it to start, and it actually worked.

- . . . - - - -. - - . . . - - - -. - is what I worked with; I started from the third character in your code and repeated.

It spells out NEWMAN, repeating :D so 'newmanewmanewman' etc

-. N
. E
.-- W
-- M
.- A
-. N

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