Part of the Magic of Fez - Discovering Stuff Together

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-Mild Spoilers-

(Forgot to add that in the title so look away now if you don't want some stuff spoiled)

I just got my 64th cube in Fez and I really enjoyed having to use pen and paper to solve these puzzles. I've heard some people saying that having to decipher the glyphs is too much work or that the game expects you to be smarter than you are. Well I disagree. Admittedly I did check online for hints and solutions to a few puzzles but I feel like that's just part of the fun of the game; having to discover all of it's secrets together as a community, sharing our theories with each other and such. It might be the chocolate talking, but I think Fez has achieved something really special, especially in these first couple of days. I may have completed the game according to my gamerscore, but I still have no idea what the monolith does or whether stereoscopic 3D serves any use but I'm looking forward to when we all figure it out. I don't know if Phil Fish intended for everyone to work together on the puzzles and deciphering the glyphs, but if he did he's one clever guy.

Do you think this feeling will be lost on people who get the game in a years time and have all of their questions answered for them immediately when they check online?

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I too enjoy looking up gamefaqs to find out what to do in a game, it makes it all the more magical.

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I never played many games requiring me to look up how to play them, besides maybe one or two akin to Metal Gear Solid or something. So my draw towards 'figuring it out' is basically zero with Fez, I've put a handful of hours into the game and once or twice jumped to the internet for some quick advice or hints and seeing as there was nothing up at the time I just stopped playing the game. The game feels very dense with stuff I think I need to figure out but it feels like it would require me to write down the alphabet and transcode what everything on the walls of these levels is, also there are glowing doors that show no indication of what I need to do to open them other than they glow at night and an owl talked to me about some shit that means nothing.

I bought and still love Fez for it's well crafted game-ness and style, I love the idea of it's lore and puzzles but they are way too much work for me right now. I basically would prefer if the game had the time to delve into all that for me without having to hear some random dude on the internet talk about it etc. I don't like fan fiction, and I'll come back to the game eventually to finish it with hopefully the reasoning behind some of the more interesting questions in the game like, "Were these people making these cube warp gates and one broke so that's why I have to zelda my ass around the world?" and "How come I feel like there's a good 30% of shit that I can't understand or get and it feels like I need to come back but also it feels like I'm just a dick and I could solve it now if I had paper in my house, or a pen in my house".

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